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It could not detect python34.dll. After I downloaded it from the internet and placed it in the main folder, it seemed to launch, but freezes and stops responding.

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Could not launch the game. Writes an error, if shortly cannot found python34.dll. But the folder called the bank is really there, which is cool!

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Sorry, looks like the problem is what I forgot to include some python files as they're al in my PATH variable(

Should be fixed now!

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Wow, thanks you very much, I'll check right now :)


I tried to start the game, but wrote the error that I can not continue the code execution, because the system didn't detect python34.dll. To fix this problem, try reinstalling the program. (I tried, it, it didn't seem to help).

Maybe, to start the game, the player needs to have installed Python? At me like it isn't installed at least.